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Why Stage your Home?

1.  You will sell your home for more money.


2.  Your house will sell faster.


3.  Your online photos will stand out.


Home staging works.  The return on investment for sellers is as much as 15%. Each and every home I sell is staged, a service I pay for out of my pocket so that you


can get the check you deserve in your pocket.


Curb Appeal

Does your home have curb appeal? Can we give it a little more pizzazz to draw in a buyer? Would a bit of touch-up paint add dollars to the sale? What about the garden? Is the lawn


in order and neatly edged? Are trees and bushes neatly pruned? Are flowers in bloom? If not, it may be time for a little maintenance. Adding colorful annuals to the front garden will make a


big difference in creating curb appeal and will add dollars to your home's final selling price.



Curb Appeal Checklist

Welcome Home

I want to show off your home in its best light to maximize your earning potential.  Before your house goes on the market, I will take a tour with the eye of a buyer and make easy and


simple suggestions to increase your profit.



I'll help you maximize and "de-personalize" the space so buyers can imagine it as their own. Countertops should be free and clear.  Knickknacks, souvenirs, family photos, refrigerator artwork


will be put away.  Closets and cupboards should be perceived as large and roomy, requiring organization to maximize the space.  There may be several things in your house that you have simply


become accustomed to over time - things that you have been promising yourself to tend to. Well NOW is the time!  Buyers will mentally add up anticipated costs of repairing all those minor flaws


and end up with an amount that is generally much higher than your actual costs will be. You might be saying to yourself "These repairs aren't a big deal" but the buyer is thinking, "If the owner


didn't take care if these little items, then what about the roof or plumbing or air-conditioning?" Necessary, non-critical minor repairs and perceived owners' neglect could potentially lower the price


of the home or lengthen the time to sell. 



Welcome Home Checklist

Setting The Stage

Before the first buyer walks through your door, I'll show you how to set the stage. We want to engage the buyer's senses. Lighting is critical. We'll draw back curtains, open blinds, change light


bulbs and add lighting where needed to welcome the buyer. We'll enhance the ambiance with music playing lightly in the background and ensure that scents that sell are emanating from your